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Have you been to Medora, North Dakota? What a kick! This area is rich in history and nature but also offers unique activities for the whole family from the Pitchfork Steak Fondue Dinner to the Medora Musical.

Medora is located at the entrance of Theodore Roosevelt National Park with beautiful views of the North Dakota Badlands. Medora was founded in 1883 which is also the year that the young Theodore Roosevelt visited this region to hunt bison. Can you imagine the feeling of seeing this amazing landscape for the first time?

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The Pitchfork Steak Fondue Dinner was delicious and yes, the steaks are truly cooked on pitchforks! Our steaks were cooked perfectly and we appreciated all the sides which included fresh fruit, salad, coleslaw, vegetables, baked beans, garlic toast, baked potatoes, brownies, and cinnamon-sugar donuts plus coffee and lemonade. You can purchase wine or beer at the bar.

It was busy (see picture below) but they are super organized and the line moved quickly. There’s also plenty of tables in either the shade or the sun so you don’t have to feel rushed for a seat. We were impressed with all the staff walking around asking if we needed anything and clearing our plates.

They have a live band (The Coal Diggers from the Medora Musical) playing good ole western music. The music combined with the views and eating outside, it’s a night to remember!

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We walked around the bluff after dinner and took in all the views. Both the Pitchfork Steak Fondue Dinner and the Medora Musical are located up on the bluff. The drive up is only 5 minutes from town and they do offer shuttles.

Photo Aug 06, 8 15 10 PM (1)m-2-11m2-3573The set of the Medora Musical

We stayed at the historic Rough Riders Hotel in the heart of downtown Medora. The rooms were very nice. The three C’s…convenient, clean and comfortable. 😉 Plus, there is a wonderful private library filled with everything Theodore Roosevelt for you to enjoy.

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Breakfast is always my favorite meal and The Farmhouse Cafe perfectly satisfied all my cravings from the coffee to chocolate syrup on the pancakes! Check out the Redneck Breakfast below, that’s a huge piece of ham on top of sausage with an over-easy egg and cheesy hashbrowns. Holy moly so good! The service was top notch and I found the most unique gifts here.

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There are many cute shops in town and we loved the Badlands Shooting Gallery. There is also an art gallery, zipline, children’s park, and the beautiful Bully Pulpit golf course. PLUS, all the adventuring at the Theodore Roosevelt National Park!

There’s so much to do in Medora and I know we barely scratched the surface. Check out Look About Lindsey’s blog “Why you need to stay more than one night in Medora North Dakota“. She’s an awesome travel blogger and we love following her adventures.

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If you live in the Twin Cities, getting to Medora is an easy 8-hour drive. Fargo is approximately at the halfway point, so it’s a convenient stop to take a break for lunch or to spend the night. We stopped at the Würst Bier Hall in downtown Fargo for lunch. The locally-made polish sausage was amazing and Terry loved the local beer. Terry will be sharing more in his Tuesdays with Terry post.

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We look forward to seeing you again, Medora!

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Originally published August 2019

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