Life of a Best Friends Rescue Dog

The Story of a Best Friend Animal Society Adoption

This is the life story of a rescue dog, our Best Friends rescue dog. When we met, I had no idea how much you would change our lives for the better. Our time together was short but continues to have a lasting impact.

Thousands of miles and adventures in your years. Thank you for saving us, sweet girl. Run free…

We met at Best Friends Animal Society, a place that was on my bucket list after seeing their National Geographic “Dog Town” series. We scheduled a tour and then randomly checked their website for puppies available for adoption. There you were! Without hardly thinking, we submitted our adoption paperwork. It was late in the evening. The next morning during the tour, we got a call from the Best Friends Adoption Specialist. Our cell service was sketchy, so we could not connect. We were so nervous that we would miss the opportunity. But then…

From that day forward, life was full of lessons, adventures, and love. You taught us patience, how to work together, to take breaks, to enjoy daily walks. You literally made us laugh every single day. Your personality was larger than life. You loved to travel and road trips. Every hotel, every new location, was a place to discover and explore. You climbed on every table and chair even when you were too big to fit. You loved sitting on the lawn chairs in the backyard and taking it all in.

I could post a million pictures of you and tell a million stories. When we found out that you had kidney disease at your one year check-up, it was so heartbreaking. We made up our minds to fill your short life with adventure. Another thing that through you changed us forever. We grew closer, discovered ourselves through traveling, and became happier. I felt a strong connection to you because of struggling with my own pain. We both had challenges but we figured out ways to work around them and live our best lives. We took breaks when we needed them and pushed ourselves when we could. Together.

You died at the young age of three (almost four). I’m so thankful for the time that you had with your brother, Allen. He brought out so much joy in you the last year of your life.

We miss you so much.

Best Friends Animal Society started over 35 years ago with a no-kill sanctuary in Utah. Today, they are helping homeless pets in every corner of the country. Their goal is to have the country no-kill by 2025. You can learn more HERE.

Learn more about Best Friends and make a gift in honor of your animal best friend at

Life is short, do the things that stir your soul. ❤️

*Originally posted January 12, 2021. One year after Utah passed away.

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