Best Sedona Hiking Trails

Sedona Hiking Trails

We have visited Sedona, Arizona, for extended stays over the years. One of the best parts about Sedona and the surrounding area is that there are endless adventures and things to do. Our favorite activity is hiking! We love how accessible the hiking trails are and the range of difficultly. Below are highlights from some of the best Sedona hiking trails.

Views of snow on Courthouse and Bell Rock in Sedona

Bell Rock and Courthouse are the first two iconic formations that you see as you drive into Sedona coming north on the Bell Rock Scenic Byway/SR 179. The Courthouse Butte Loop is a moderate 4.3-mile trail. This area is very popular so depending on the time of year, it’s best to go early morning (plus it’s the best time to beat the heat). We normally visit in January when it’s not quite as busy or too hot.

There are pay machines for parking that take credit cards. Parking can sometimes be a challenge but if you wait a few minutes, turnover usually happens quickly. Another option is to purchase a Red Rock Pass to display in your window or America the Beautiful passes are also honored.

Dog-Friendly Sedona Trails

Almost all the trails in Sedona are dog-friendly as long as your dog is on a leash. Please make sure to clean up after your pup. #LeaveNoTrace

If you love climbing rocks, Bell Rock Trail is the hike for you! Look how small all the people look in the picture below. You can see all of Sedona as you make the climb. This hike is considered moderate but if you’re afraid of heights, you might find it difficult.

Bell Rock in Sedona

Little Horse Trail tends to be our go-to hike. We love the views. This is a 3.8-mile moderate hike. You can make it easier by not going as far, the view below is less than a mile on the trail. It’s incredible to hike this trail at sunset, the rocks turn a beautiful orange.

Picture of Little Horse Hiking Trail sign in Sedona, Arizona.
Picture of man hiking Little Horse Trail in Sedona, Arizona
Picture of red rocks at sunset in Sedona, Arizona

I was super excited to hike Soldier Pass and see the Seven Sacred Pools. They are easy to walk past, so keep an eye out for them. There’s also a large sinkhole on your way called Devil’s Kitchen which is very cool. This trail is considered moderate but we felt like it was a little more difficult especially beyond the pools. We ended up turning around on our first hike (which was still an amazing hike).

Picture of Seven Sacred Pools in Sedona, Arizona.

Red Rock Crossing/Crescent Moon Picnic Site is another go-to spot for us. This is a great area to relax, picnic, leisurely walk, swim in Oak Creek, or play with your dogs. There is a lot of open area with grass, picnic tables, and benches. All of this with the beautiful backdrop of Cathedral Rock. This is also a vortex site and a sacred area in Native American history.

Picture of Cathedral Hill in Sedona, Arizona.

My favorite thing to do is to visit after it rains and take pictures of all the reflections in the puddles. You have to find the perfect angle to see them.

ALWAYS be careful after a rain, pay attention to the news, and ask questions before you go. Even when the rain stops, the runoff can be very dangerous and catch you by surprise.

The staff and owners at The Hike House are super helpful. They will answer any questions and make sure you are geared up correctly for your hike. It’s important to be prepared even if you think the hike will be short.

Another great resource is the Sedona Hiking App. This app gives you all the details of each hike, directions to the trailheads, and a map to follow as you hike. You can also search by the difficulty of the hike. For more details about Sedona, visit the official Sedona Tourism Site –

If you’re looking for other fun things to do besides hiking, visit my blog post HERE.

Enjoy your travels!

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