Pizza Farm Twin Cities Minnesota

Pizza Farm Twin Cities Minnesota

To celebrate my birthday, we did something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time; we reserved a spot at one of the Twin Cities Pizza Farms. We chose Two Pony Gardens in Long Lake, Minnesota, only 20 minutes from Minneapolis. It was such a magical afternoon!

Two Pony is a farm that practices, encourages, and teaches organic gardening methods. When you get close to the farm, the road turns to dirt, and just a little further is the start of the driveway. There you find an adorable farm stand that is stocked daily with honey, jelly, tomatoes, garlic, gourds, pumpkins, flowers, and more. The farm’s main crops are dahlias and heirloom tomatoes.

At Two Pony Gardens, there are three different areas to reserve your spot and enjoy your pizza; Farm House Front Yard, Sumac Hill, and Tailgater’s Meadow. We booked Tailgater’s Meadow. It’s a great spot to spread out, lounge, play catch, sit in the spirit tipi, or walk the trail. It’s not too far from the front yard and an easy walk to pick up your pizzas.

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Two Pony Gardens Pizza Farm Twin Cities Minnesota

Each reservation is for two hours allowing time to enjoy the farm. We loved walking around the farm and meeting all the animals. Especially the farm cat, Rocket and dog, Oak. I could have played with Oak and Rocket all day. This place, the animals, and the pizza is my definition of heaven.

Two Pony Gardens Pizza Farm Twin Cities Minnesota

We ordered the seasonal pizza made with apples, sausage, sage, and cheddar. It was so fresh and delicious! We brought music, but it’s so rare that we get to enjoy the quiet; we were loving it and never turned the music on. The farm is incredibly peaceful. Two Pony just has that something special about it, it’s a feeling, a comfort. I couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon.

Two Pony Gardens Pizza Farm Twin Cities Minnesota

After we finished eating, I sat in the spirit tipi for a while, connecting with nature, and relaxing. Then we took a hike around the property.

The pizza season is over but make sure to add this to your Minnesota bucket list for 2022! We had the best experience. The staff was above and beyond. We also had the opportunity to have a long conversation with the owner, Lisa. Don’t you love those people that you meet, and you can instantly have a deep conversation? That was Lisa. She’s a gem and offered so much insight.

Lisa – thank you for sharing this amazing space and food with all of us!

Remember to support and eat local.

For many birthdays, I didn’t really do what I wanted. I said yes to things that weren’t good for my soul.

This year, I stirred my soul. ❤️

If you’re looking for another quiet getaway close to the Twin Cities, check out Whitetail Woods Regional Park.

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