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Today is Giving Tuesday Now. The current pandemic is affecting everyone including homeless pets and pet shelters. I’m so thankful for the hard work that Best Friends Animal Society is doing even during this uncertain time to save them all.

Giving Tuesday Now is an opportunity to support the organizations that you love most. If you give to Best Friends Animal Society today – your donation will be triple-matched by an anonymous donor.

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Here is a post from the Best Friends Animal Society Facebook page explaining what they are doing:

In times of uncertainty and hardship, our pets are here for us, helping to ease our anxiety and lift our spirits. Their unconditional love provides priceless healing. Indeed, they make our families whole. That’s why during this crisis, Best Friends is:

🐶 Accelerating emergency foster programs, remote adoptions, pet food distribution, virtual vet care and whole family support to save lives and keep pets and people together

🐱 Helping nearly 3,000 shelters and rescue groups with essential resources and innovative lifesaving solutions tailored to meet community needs to save the most lives, even with social distancing in place

🐶 Organizing people in communities across the country to join together, take action and be a beacon of hope for animals at risk and neighbors in need

Our resolve to save lives doesn’t stop even in times of global crisis, and now more than ever, homeless pets need your kindness to continue receiving love, care and lifesaving second chances.

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Let’s do what we can to save all these beautiful souls. Click here to give: BEST FRIENDS.

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And may peace prevail on earth.

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