Goodbye My Girl – This One Is For You

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When the new year started, I had big plans to write and all my blog posts planned for the month of January but then life happened. We lost our sweet girl, Utah. She was only 3 years old, almost 4 (her birthday would have been in February). We found out that she had chronic kidney disease on her 1st birthday. We knew that she wouldn’t live a long life so we made sure she lived a full life.

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The older I get the less I care when life disrupts my plans. I would rather live these moments than stress about writing about them or getting everything done. Utah taught us balance. She would not allow us to go a day without some playtime or exercise. She made us laugh every day and showed us that being your unique, crazy self is the only way to live.

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She loved road trips and adventures.


We walked and traveled thousands of miles with her in just a few short years.


If there was something she could get on top of and hold court, she took every advantage.


She was an awesome big sister to Allen and taught him the ropes before she left us.

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She made us a family.

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In her last few days, she still tried to make us laugh and make everything okay for US.

We fed her all of her favorite things by hand because it was too hard for her to get up. She would only drink water from a bottle which was always one of our favorite things about her. I think she thought, if that’s how they drink water then I will too.


Keep facing the sun, lady-bird (her nickname) and we’ll see you there.


Forever in our hearts. We miss you so much. ❤️


  1. Feels like we had her for 15 years. Even though she lived a short life, I am so glad we took her on so many adventures. Thank for this beautiful tribute. xoxo


  2. How sad you for you to lose such a good friend. How wonderful to have experienced so much love! You have truly been blessed!


  3. I’m so sorry to hear about your Utah, you certainly provided her with such an adventurous life.

    I think it’s good to remember while our dogs may only be with us for a short period of our lives, we are there for their entire life, and what a great one you provided for Utah.

    I’m so happy you found each other!

    Extra Cyrus hugs tonight!


    1. That’s so true and a good reminder. Thank you so much! Hugs back to Cy!


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