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Every year while volunteering at Best Friends Animal Society, we (of course!) discuss getting another dog or cat. We rescued our girl, Utah, when she was a puppy and this time we wanted to rescue an older dog. Utah has health issues so we knew it had to be the perfect fit.

While volunteering, we walked and met lots of dogs in search of Utah’s new sibling. Click their name below each photo to learn more about them.

Photo Apr 15, 12 06 07 PM
This is sweet Corban.
Photo Apr 12, 2 15 41 PM
Photo Apr 12, 3 18 28 PM

I fell in love with Agatha but we felt she wasn’t the right match for Utah which was heartbreaking. I did sponsor Agatha. Sponsoring is a great option if you’re not ready to adopt. You can read more about that at Best Friends Animal Society.

Photo Apr 15, 9 36 56 AM

Marcie was amazing too! We had so much fun together but she likes to be the only dog in the pack. If you want to be a one dog family, check her out.

Photo Apr 15, 10 45 09 AM (1)

Manny was hilarious! He would keep you on your toes and laughing all day.  We loved ALL of these dogs so much and it was so hard as always not taking all of them home.

Photo Apr 12, 1 41 06 PM

As our time to leave approached, we were having a hard time making a decision. We stopped at Dogtown Headquarters to visit Kristi, who helped us with adopting Utah. When I walked in, there was Allen sitting behind the help desk. I felt an immediate strong connection to him! The crazy thing is that he arrived at Best Friends the same day that we arrived. I think it was meant to be.

Photo Apr 16, 12 00 09 PM

We set up a time for him and Utah to meet and the rest is history! Allen has been a light for Utah. They have so much fun playing together. Utah has been playing more and even eating better. I couldn’t be more thankful.

aubestfriends-6901 (1)
aubestfriends-0972 (1)

As I always say…we rescue them but I think that they really rescue US.

Happy National Pet Month!

Best Friends Animal Society is the largest no-kill sanctuary in the Nation. Their mission is to SAVE THEM ALL and someday live in a world where there are no homeless pets. The sanctuary is a little heaven on earth.

If you are interested in volunteering, sponsoring or donating – visit their website at

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