the fog

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There’s something about February that makes me feel lighter, like a heavy fog lifting. January is a hard month for me. Anyone else? I feel pressure to start the new year with a bang, to set new goals, work harder, do better. All while reflecting on the previous year. The good and the bad, what I want to do different and what I want to build off. Part of me loves the feeling of the new year, starting fresh and all the new possibilities. At the same time, it’s almost too much. How do you find a balance?

This year we decided to travel. We are very fortunate to work from home which allows us the freedom to live anywhere. We left Minnesota and spent the month of January in Sedona, Arizona. Changing my views, being able to spend more time outdoors in January, getting more sunshine and having fewer distractions helped me find balance.

BUT…I’m also reminded that it’s a state of mind. The same voices in my head haunted me. The same pressure. AND…it’s different for everyone. Now more than ever as I get older, I realize what I NEED to be content and happy.

That’s the answer!

If I could talk to my younger self…I would tell her over and over to find HER happiness. Don’t cave to the pressure of others, don’t do what you think you “should” do. Do what makes you happy! When you do…it fills you up, allowing you to be a better, more complete person, which in turn allows you to give more. It’s not selfish if that ever runs through your head like mine. If you give and give and give, you end up with nothing. Nothing for yourself and nothing left to give.

Find what stirs YOUR soul!!! Try different things until you find YOUR thing. Try and fail, try and fail, try and fail until one day – it’s all clear. That is life!! No one has a perfect life, it’s never a straight line to success. It’s a wobbly messy line. Again…that is life!! If it’s easy, it’s not worth it.



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