Best Friends Day

Today is Best Friends Day! Throughout my life, my pets have always brought me joy, made me laugh and offered so much love and friendship.

Best Friends Day is all about honoring our pets.

I remember seeing Best Friends Animal Society on National Geographic and thinking….someday, I need to go there. That day finally happened two years ago and it’s where we met and rescued our beautiful, strong, sensitive baby girl, Utah. In turn, she rescued us. Our lives forever changed for the better.


Best Friends Animal Society is the largest no-kill sanctuary in the Nation. Their mission is to SAVE THEM ALL and someday live in a world where there are no homeless pets. All of the programs that they run are incredible (for example their spay and neuter program) and the sanctuary is one of the most beautiful places that I’ve ever been. Since our first visit, we’ve made it a tradition and plan to go back ever year to volunteer. More blog posts to come about our volunteer experiences!


The sanctuary is located in Kanab, Utah at Angel Canyon. It is home to nearly 1,600 homeless pets. Including horses, pigs and birds. They also have other locations throughout the country and their goal is to create a no-kill Nation, city by city.

The sanctuary also offers a peaceful resting place for our best friends. It is the most serene place that I’ve ever been, you can feel love as you walk through and listen to the countless beautiful chimes. This year we honored our pets that passed, Huckleberry and Kaytee.


There are many different ways to give and celebrate your best friend today. You can donate any amount, sponsor a pet, make a gift in memory or sign up to volunteer.

See how to SAVE THEM ALL by clicking HERE.

Cheers to all our Best Friends and don’t forget….

Live like someone left the gate open!!! ❤️

  1. Omg, I love this! So glad we did this together and thank you for introducing me to “Best Friends!”


  2. Aww I missed celebrating this! My rescue pup and I would have loved to do something special. Wonderful blog and I look forward to following.


    1. Thank you! Cheers to our rescues!


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