Let’s go Foraging!

Have you ever been foraging? Me either! At least not since I was a little girl so when Eventyr presented the opportunity, I went for it.

Eventyr is a new platform created to connect people looking for outdoor adventures to people who have the knowledge, experience and skills to share or teach others. They are all about getting you outside and viewing life from a new angle. They inspire you to live your story and check boxes off your bucket list.

I was so excited for a day in the woods, to connect with a long time friend, Jo and my new friend, Greta. Greta also wrote about her foraging adventures. Visit her Pickles Travel Blog by clicking HERE.


We met at Sakatah Lake State Park to search for the elusive morel mushroom. Our guide for the day was mushroom identification expert, Mike Kempenich, the Gentleman Forager.


It was an incredible day! I felt like a little girl again. It brought back so many memories of growing up, especially walks and road trips with my Dad. My Dad is a science teacher and every time we were outside, he would take the opportunity to teach us. The different plants, trees, birds, tracks, rock formations….you name it. I miss those simpler times. Being out in the woods, off the beaten path brought back that exhilarating feeling of freedom. It definitely filled my soul.

File Jun 05, 6 57 52 PM
Found one!!!


I learned so much from the Gentleman Forager and not just about mushrooms. He has over 40 years of foraging experience and is passionate about wild edibles. He offers classes, weekend events, guided outings and wild food dinners. Click HERE to visit his website.

After our day of foraging, we were fortunate to go to Harriet Brasserie and have Chef Fernando Silva cook our harvest. It was ridiculously good!!!

Photo May 09, 2 17 52 PM


So here is the best part of the story. Do you believe things happen for a reason or everything is just a big coincidence?

Mike Kempenich’s (Gentleman Forager) Dad and my Dad were best friends. My Dad was his parent’s best man. Mike and I have never met and I just happened to recognize his last name from all the times that my Dad talked about his Dad.

I do believe things happen for a reason, just like the book When God Winks. I’m not totally sure why yet but I know our paths crossed for a reason. 🙂

“Morel” of the story – LIVE YOUR STORY! Get outside, go on adventures, learn something new, meet new people.

Find what stirs your soul….

Visit Eventyr’s website at eventyr.com for ideas!



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