Month: April 2017

Habitat for Humanity – Hard Hat Gala

Working events is one of my favorite type of shoots! Especially when it is for a great cause. This year the Habitat for Humanity raised over 1,000,000 at their Hard Hat Gala event. So wonderful!!! ©usoulphoto

Hi Handsome


Soul Photography & Media

Soul Photography & Media is my evolving dream. I am a photographer, social media manager and lifestyle blogger. I love to tell a story. (Just ask my husband) 🙂 When I take a photograph….I want people to see what I feel. Let’s work together to tell YOUR story! See my photography or social media tabs above ...

Thank God for Marijuana

As many of you know, I have Dystonia. (You can read more about my Dystonia story HERE) It’s a movement disorder characterized by persistent or intermittent muscle contractions. It’s incredibly uncomfortable and almost impossible to relax. Sometimes my brain feels like it’s in a vice….a grip so tight that I can’t escape or control my ...