Crack & Chipped

Dystonia Awareness Moment: I receive 150 units of Botox every 10 weeks by injection into my neck and upper back. I receive approximately 15 shots. First, my Doctor inserts the needle that is wired to a machine that can listen to the strength/intensity of the spasm. Based off that they decide how much to inject into each muscle. Botox is made from Botulinum toxin which causes Botulism & is one of the most powerful, potent neurotoxins known. I have a love/hate relationship with Botox. 🙂 While it helps me, it also gives me a lot of side effects.

Cracked & chipped.

Do any of you ever feel that way? Even just getting older, Dystonia or not, I feel more cracks….more chips.

I look at the corner of this old cabin and I think it is so beautiful. It sits alone on Nisswa Lake. It was a part of  an old resort and now it stands among the trees and wild flowers…holding its own. It has a cute screened in front porch that over looks the lake. At night when the sun sets, the rays hit the porch perfectly with orange hues of light. Think of all the life that has gone through that cabin, all the stories it could tell. All the good times so many souls had within those four walls and the memories created there.

That is how I want to walk out of this world. We might feel cracked and chipped but it only adds to our beauty. Just as this cabin…I want to show every line & wrinkle…each telling my story. A life lived well, full of amazing moments and memories.

Among the trees & the wild flowers…..


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