The Oldest Boy – Jungle Theater – Review

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Regional premiere of The Oldest Boy, a “play in three ceremonies” by Sarah Ruhl, directed by Sarah Rasmussen now through December 18, 2016 at the Jungle Theater.

Letting go – the ultimate LOVE.

The Oldest Boy is about an American mom and Tibetan husband whose three year old son is believed to be the reincarnation of a high Buddhist Lama. Two Tibetan monks arrive at their home unexpectedly, asking to bring their child to India for spiritual training. This huge decision will forever change their lives and challenge their faith.

The Oldest Boy is heartfelt and thoughtful. There’s so much depth, it offers something for everyone and will touch every person differently. Even though I’m not a mother, I connected deeply with this story.

Families can be debilitating and hold each other back in the name of love. When we are allowed to experience the world on our terms without restrictions and judgment, that’s when we discover our hearts. It’s hard to realize a dream, if we are suffocated (sometimes without even knowing because it’s so ingrain in us) with the opinions of our family. What they taught us to believe instead of what we discover. It is hard to let go but it is the ultimate show of faith and love.

The Oldest Boy also shows that we can have as strong of a relationship with someone that isn’t family. In our society, many times these connections are dismissed. The mother talks of her teacher, how devastated she was when he passed but that there was no understanding because it was her “teacher” and not “family”. I think we’ve all been guilty of this, myself included. It validated to not take my kindred spirits for granted because they are part of my family.


This was my first experience at the Jungle Theater. I was a little concerned about parking with the location on Lake and Lyndale but it was a breeze. There is a great parking lot right behind the theater. Jungle Theater has been there since 1991 but when you walk in, you feel a bit like your stepping back in time. It’s intimate and cozy. For tickets and more information about the show, visit


Before the show we checked out the LynLake Brewery. The beer was delicious and loved the location. Even though it’s November, we were blessed with a beautiful night and the big front windows were open. Fun atmosphere and they have an old school popcorn machine….the best. You also can have pizza delivered right to your table!

Then we stopped at the Lyndale Tap House for dinner. The Lyndale is directly across from Jungle Theater so very convenient and a fantastic happy hour.

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