Red Chair Journey – Postcards

It’s been such a cool experience getting my #RedChairJourney postcards back after our road trip west. I left these cards in different locations as we traveled, asking the question – What Stirs Your Soul? This was just a start, an experiment, and I am looking forward to continuing my Red Chair Journey project in Minnesota.

The top card struck me after the horrible news in Orlando.

“No two people are alike, we are all made different and unique in our own special way”

I love reading that someone has so much appreciation for diversity, that he is self aware enough to accept himself and see the differences, the confidence and love to enjoy others without judgment.

Reading that – stirs my soul.

We are all upset by what happened and it’s easy to blame, shout our opinions BUT…..

in the end, it all starts with US. I have to remind myself of that and focus on what I CAN do instead of spending the energy complaining. When we stand together, we can create change.

Wishing you all a soul stirring day!

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