Red Chair Journey – The Repair Man

The Red Chair was in need of repair. The straps had become so old and were sagging so deeply that it wasn’t safe for our journeys. Of course I went to my Dad.

At 47 years old, I still feel like my Dad’s little girl. I remember when I was in my 20s (so Mom would have been close to my age now) and for the first time saw my parents as “a couple” and not only as my parents. I remember watching them and how hard it struck me. That they had a relationship before me, fell in love, all the trials of life they had been through that brought us to this point. I asked my Mom – what does it feel like getting older?

She said that she still felt the same, that she still felt like that 20 year old inside and when I looked at her, I could see that – I could see ALL of HER for the first time. I remember thinking, I really like this woman – I want to be her friend.

I know now how right she was – how I still have that feeling of being their littlist.

As Dad repaired the red chair, Mom and I sat at the kitchen table discussing life, solving the world’s problems, all while teasing Dad. Moments I treasure.
_ _ _ _

Okay Dad you’re up – – what stirs your soul?

At my age, there are so many things that I’ve been fortunate enough to experience. I so enjoy the relationships I have with so many folks, especially my best friend and soulmate of 55 years! 

To be able to talk, laugh and enjoy the company of my children and grandchildren. Whether I am traveling in our RV – or just out for a walk – there are so many sights and sounds surrounding us. And – if you just stop, observe and listen – you can see the beauty of nature…regardless of where you are – whether you’re on the ocean beach or in your backyard. To be out early in the morning and to watch the sunrise, watch the beautiful colors in the morning sky, hear the sounds of the birds and the animals….it’s a wonderful thing. 

Life is a beautiful thing – done right. 


Testing it out and enjoying a well deserved donut!

I’m incredibly thankful for my parents – what they’ve taught me and ALL the Moments.


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