Red Chair Journey – Arin

Throughout your life, there are people that save you. You might not recognize it in the moment but if they wouldn’t have been there to catch you, to say that perfect thing, to listen, to encourage, to have faith….your life might have taken a very different path.

Arin is one of those people for me. It’s so appropriate that she be the first to sit in my red chair to kick of this 2016 journey. Icing on the cake to have the number 111 behind her – my number. The number that always shows up reminding me that I’m going in the right direction.

I’ve always appreciated Arin’s passion and zest for life. I’m not surprised at all how she answered my question.

What stirs your soul?

It turns out your question is a hard one to answer as my mind was racing with million things!  

My first thoughts are experiencing Mother Nature’s gifts… 

Images of sitting by the ocean, dolphins, manatees, birds, stand up paddle boarding, sunrises, sunsets, floating on the boat, walking in the woods, going for a run, fall colors, first blooms of spring, all the life that emerges in the spring, my dogs running with not a care in the world through the yard.

Then I thought of laughter, dancing, music, spending time with good people and my little family. Then came the thought of how great my job is and the people I get to interact with everyday.


I’m so excited about this project. To read about the Red Chair Journey – click HERE. Message me or comment below if you would like to be part of the adventure.

I’ll leave you with this question – who has saved you?

Have a soul stirring week!

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