The Beginning – Red Chair Journey

In 2011, not long after starting my photography business, I found this chair at Goodwill. She spoke to me. She was antique white and beat up in a perfect sort of way. I decided to paint her red for a nice pop of color in photo shoots. I had visions of a traveling red chair, the places she would go and the people she would meet.

I got a lot of great photographs that first year. The following year, due to unforeseen circumstances, I stopped using her. She’s been patiently sitting and waiting in the garage for her next debut.

The tagline for my photography business is – images to stir the soul. After being diagnosed with Dystonia (see story HERE), I  was forced to ask myself that question (What stirs MY soul?) and I found the answer through my camera lens. Dystonia changed everything and taught me the importance of time, how quickly it goes and how life can change in a blink. We get caught up in the swirl and focus on things that truly don’t matter and we forget what actually makes us happy. Once I figured that out, my life changed in the best way.

So…I will be traveling with her and asking….

What stirs YOUR soul??

I will blog about her adventures and all the wonderful people she meets….

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